Sample Performance Appraisal for Customer Service Positions

Customer service is one of most difficult positions to manage – high turnover, unsatisfied employees, large number of employees, difficult situations all add up to a nightmare during performance review time for most supervisors and managers. We provide this sample performance appraisal for customer service positions to help you write performance reviews for your employees. This will cover a lot of your employees – it covers the “meets expectations” type employee that excels in some areas and needs work in others. We will highlight attendance, communication, customer service, technical knowledge, and training with this review. Your subject areas might be different, but you can find plenty of sample phrases in our large database of employee performance review phrases.

Employee Name: Jenny Hill


Jenny has been a valued employee this past year. We have appreciated how she took our advice about communication in last year’s review and really improved in that area. Jenny has a number of areas to improve in over the next year including attendance and training. We appreciate Jenny as a part of our team and believe she has performed admirably this past year.

Attendance (Meets Expectations)

Jenny has had good attendance this past year. There have been a few occasions where she has been late to work, but overall, we are satisfied with her level of attendance. Specifically, Jenny:

  • Has provided ample notice for time off.
  • Takes her assigned breaks on time and for the length they are assigned. Jenny does have a tendency to go a little long on lunch and should improve this over the next year.
  • Is at her desk, ready to work at the start of her shift.
  • Encourages others to be on time to work and to be ready to go.

Though we appreciate her timely attendance, there are a few things Jenny should work on over the next year. She has a tendency to take long lunch breaks which disrupts her coworker’s lunch schedules. Additionally, as we mentioned earlier, she has been late to work a few times. Overall, though, Jenny has met expectations this year for attendance.

Communication (Exceeds Expectations)

We’ve noticed Jenny’s efforts this year to improve communication with her coworkers. Her daily reporting and clarifying technical notes in the knowledge base has helped this department quite a bit. We appreciate Jenny’s efforts in ensuring her team fully understands what is going on. Over the last year, Jenny has:

  • Improved her knowledge base additions and edited some of the existing entries for clarity and accuracy.
  • Responded to internal emails on a timely basis.
  • Focused on communication efforts with fellow team members.
  • Communicated with her management in a more effective manner.

Jenny can continue to improve in her communication skills, especially in the area of listening. Jenny has a tendency to cut people off before they have had a chance to fully explain their position. Jenny has exceeded expectations in the area of communication this past year.

Customer Service (Meets Expectations)

Jenny has provided good customer service to our clients this year. As her position is primarily customer service to external clients, we did not rate her as exceeding expectations as she has done a wonderful job, but she is not rated in the top group in this category. We have been pleased with the way Jenny has communicated with her clients this year. Specifically, Jenny:

  • Received high quality marks on her customer service satisfaction surveys, she is at a 88.7% satisfied for the past quarter.
  • Has an excellent call time score, placing her in the top 15% of call center representatives.
  • Has reduced give backs and refunds 12% year over year.
  • Received excellent scores on the random call quality assurance reviews.

Jenny should continue to improve this year to be in the top group of CSRs. Her score of 88.7% is good, but it can improve – Jenny should be over 90%. Jenny can improve this year by continuing to take training in this area.

Technical Knowledge (Meets Expectations)

As we mentioned earlier, Jenny has worked hard to improve the knowledge base and edit some of the entries in it. However, Jenny can continue to work on her technical knowledge as she has not grown as much as we’ve liked this year. Her customer service skills were good this year, but she often has to send the more difficult calls onto second level support. She should continue to grow in her technical knowledge to handle these calls herself. Over the past year, Jenny:

  • Received her A+ certification, as required for her job level.
  • Handed off 32% of her calls to second level, 7% above the level she should be at.
  • Took 22% longer to handle certain types of technical calls versus her peers.
  • Did not receive any other certifications, though we expected she would receive networking and hardware ones.

Over the next year, Jenny should pursue her other certifications and continue in the training classes to improve her technical knowledge.

Training (Needs Improvement)

Jenny has so much potential, yet she doesn’t take advantage of all of the training opportunities we provide her. Additionally, some of the HR required classes have proven to be difficult for Jenny. Too often she sees training as a “vacation” from her real job and her attitude reflects it during class. Jenny must improve in this area to be successful over the next year.

Since Jenny did take A+ training and pass the certification, we did not mark her a “unsatisfactory” in this category, though we could have.

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