Training Self Evaluation Phrases

Training is a very important part of your career advancement. Training classes provide opportunities to enhance generic and specialized skills on your job and in your career. I highly recommend you take advantage of all of the training and learning opportunities provided at your workplace – it is a no-cost way to improve your skills, increase your value to your company, and demonstrate your commitment to the job.

Self Evaluation Sample Templates

simpleeval-coversmWriting a great self evaluation during performance review time can be a difficult task. How exactly do I describe my performance in Training or Leadership? We’ve written 450 self evaluation paragraphs in 30 categories – by exceeds expectations, meets expectations, and below expectations. These paragraphs make completing the self evaluation easy – simply copy and paste into your document. This ebook is available for instant download for $18.95.

Sample Training Self Evaluation Phrases

In training classes, I am a good influence on fellow students. My “can-do” attitude helps the class learn complex topics.

I have sought out specialized training opportunities.

I help teach other team members the concepts I learned in training class.

I am an encourager in training sessions.

I take advantage of the training to advance my career and skill set.

I am a consummate learner and excels in the training offered.

Despite the time investment required, I encourage my team members to take advantage of training opportunities.

The guidance I provide to help my employees find the right training classes is invaluable.

I am always willing to invest time to train others on the newest technologies and equipment.

I am always excited to attend on the job training. My eagerness to learn makes me a valued team member.

I ensure all of the team members attend the requisite training classes.

I have performed admirably with the responsibility to ensure everyone attends appropriate training classes.

I am quick to learn concepts and apply them to my job.

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