Adaptability – Sample Performance Review Templates

As the old saying goes, change is the only constant around this place. If an employee performance review is asking for you to rate an employee for adaptability, you should review the employee’s willingness to adapt to changing circumstances, his willingness to take on new tasks for ease and to change according to business needs. This is a difficult area to rate as its very subjective, but these sample performance evaluation paragraphs should help you rate your employees with adaptability.

Adaptability: 5.0 Rating

The past year has seen a number of changes happen in our department. Carole has handled the changes well and supported other employees who were troubled by them. This has not only demonstrated her ability to cope with change, but resulted in improved team dynamics. Over the next year, we would like to see Carole continue to handle changes that may arise and provide support to team members.

Adaptability: 4.0 Rating

Kevin can very easily change course as a situation demands it and is willing to alter his business schedule and resource allocations on demand. This flexibility allows us to make moves we otherwise wouldn’t be able to. Kevin demonstrates that he is a team player who will adapt to new requirements with little notice.

Adaptability: 3.0 Rating

Keith readily accepts change and adapts to circumstances around him. He adjusts his workload to meet the needs of the team and handles a variety of assignments. He is good at altering course when it is required. We encourage Keith to continue working in this area and adapting to changing conditions.

Adaptability: 2.0 Rating

Our environment is constantly changing and Bill struggles to keep up. Most of the time, he does ok, but when we are experiencing fluctuations in the environment, he resists change. We’d like to see Bill accept change and work towards making adjustments to our environment as smoothly as possible.

Adaptability: 1.0 Rating

Chase is resistant to new assignments and new work. He doesn’t accept change and negatively influences others on his team during times of change. He avoids new responsibilities and does not adjust well to changing circumstances. Adaptability is one area that Chase must improve in.

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