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Training Self Evaluation Phrases

Training is a very important part of your career advancement. Training classes provide opportunities to enhance generic and specialized skills on your job and in your career. I highly recommend you take advantage of all of the training and learning opportunities provided at your workplace – it is a no-cost way to improve your skills, […]

Dictionary of Performance Review Comments

We love when we find good quality performance review humor. Here’s a guide for you to understand performance review comments: Dictionary of Evaluation Comments Some of you might like to know what the supervisor is really saying in all those glowing employee work performance evaluations s/he keeps cranking out. AVERAGE: Not too bright. EXCEPTIONALLY WELL […]

Creativity and Innovation: Sample Performance Review Phrases

We are an innovative society. Creative people used to be abnormal, now some measure of creativity is expected in all of us. Creativity and innovation in your job can make or break your career: the trick is balancing your creativity and innovating in the right way. Failures do occur in an innovative workplace: how you […]

Cooperation: Sample Performance Review Phrases

Most companies have evolved from a “command and control” structure to one of at least a team based environment, if not a fully matrixed work environment. For the manager, this makes cooperation among teammates and among groups essential for success. For employees, receiving cooperation from other employees and other departments is often the only way […]

14 Accomplishments of a Great Performance Appraisal Process

Many people (including this site) have encouraged dumping the current performance review process and replace it with a more effective system, however, we believe a great performance appraisal process can result in great things. We actually love the performance review process – when it’s part of an effective performance management cycle. There are some great […]

Communication: Sample Performance Review Phrases

Communication on teams is essential for high performance and often one of the first things to break down. Team members and managers that promote healthy communication can turn bad situations into good ones, failing projects into successful projects, and poor performers into good employees. As with our other sample performance review phrases articles, we break […]

Attitude: Sample Performance Review Phrases

A good attitude is one of the most important traits an employee could have. I will take a pleasant and good attitude over almost anything else when I hire someone and would promote someone with a good attitude over someone who has a poor attitude, yet better job skills. A good attitude is so crucial […]

Understanding the Performance Management Cycle

The performance review is one piece of the performance management cycle. Unfortunately, countless managers have never had formal performance management training and simply do a performance review like a zombie once a year without any regard for the long term performance management opportunities available to them. The Performance Management Cycle has three components: Goal setting […]

What to Do if You Scrap Your Company’s Peformance Appraisal System?

There have been many advocates of scrapping the entire performance review system, yet few systems have gained traction for replacing it.In his book Get Rid of the Performance Review, Dr. Samuel Culbert advocates scrapping the performance review for the performance preview, a concept many executives have failed to wrap their heads around. This gets us […]

Scrap Your Company’s Performance Appraisal System

Many of us blindly accept the premise of the performance appraisal system and do not question its effectiveness. In his article, Don’t Redesign Your Company’s Performance Appraisal System, Scrap It! Fred Nickols advocates dumping the entire system. He believes the hard costs (billions of dollars annually) and unknown soft costs are not worth the return […]