What to Do if You Scrap Your Company’s Peformance Appraisal System?

There have been many advocates of scrapping the entire performance review system, yet few systems have gained traction for replacing it.In his book Get Rid of the Performance Review, Dr. Samuel Culbert advocates scrapping the performance review for the performance preview, a concept many executives have failed to wrap their heads around. This gets us back to the central issue: if the proponents of performance reviews and opponents of performance reviews clash, the forces meet at status quo – which means, performance reviews are already here, so they stay.

In the end, companies frequently have many questions unanswered by this debate. If the eliminate performance reviews, how will:

  1. People receive feedback?
  2. People find out what the company expects from them?
  3. Employees develop work objectives and goals?
  4. People be recognized and rewarded?
  5. Merit raises be determined?

There are other questions which come up as well. Fred Nickols attempts to dissect the arguments and present solutions to these questions and more in this article.


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