Video: Bosses Are Accountable Too

Dr. Samuel Culbert explains in this video about how boss are accountable too. He describes the two way street that communication is between an employee and manager.

What does it mean to hold the manager accountable?

Dr. Culbert describes how you must have consequences in order to have accountability. The manager must understand that he or she cannot shirk responsibility – that there must be consequences to actions and inactions. We think of consequences as punishment and people do not want to be accountable – they do not want to be punished. It’s part of our society to avoid punishment.

The boss must select the right people, coach them, give them oversight, and set the stage for them to be successful. When there is a disappointing performance, the individual and the boss should be responsible for the failure. Instead, many times, the subordinate gets fired – if we design a performance management system which teaches lessons instead of applying punishments, we will have a system which works.

Learn more in the video and let us know when you think of Dr. Culbert.

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