How to Say It Performance Reviews Book Review

The How to Say It guides are famous for clearly explaining steps to communicating effectively in business and other situations. In this release, How to Say It Performance Reviews, two corporate trainers (Meryl Runion and Janelle Brittain) take the tedious task of performance reviews and teaches how to effectively write them.

Unlike many performance review books, this is not simply a list of performance review phrases, but instead a guide to teach you how to write performance reviews. Through an easy five step process, Runion and Brittain teach you how be more effective in your writing skills for performance reviews.

Not to say that this book doesn’t contain sample phrases – it does! It has hundreds of phrases you can use on performance reviews and plenty of phrases which you can mix and match to create many unique performance reviews for all types of employees.

There are plenty of stories and advice for managers who have not been exposed to the performance review process before.

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