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What to Do if You Scrap Your Company’s Peformance Appraisal System?

There have been many advocates of scrapping the entire performance review system, yet few systems have gained traction for replacing it.In his book Get Rid of the Performance Review, Dr. Samuel Culbert advocates scrapping the performance review for the performance preview, a concept many executives have failed to wrap their heads around. This gets us […]

Scrap Your Company’s Performance Appraisal System

Many of us blindly accept the premise of the performance appraisal system and do not question its effectiveness. In his article, Don’t Redesign Your Company’s Performance Appraisal System, Scrap It! Fred Nickols advocates dumping the entire system. He believes the hard costs (billions of dollars annually) and unknown soft costs are not worth the return […]

Get Rid of the Performance Review! A Book Review

I’ve found most performance reviews to be uncomfortable experiences. At times I wondered what’s wrong with me? Is it normal to dislike the performance review process. After reading Samuel Culbert’s new book, Get Rid of the Performance Review!: How Companies Can Stop Intimidating, Start Managing – and Focus on What Really Matters, I understand why […]

10 Stupid Ways Managers Screw Up Performance Appraisals

Performance review time isn’t fun and sometimes us managers do things to completely screw it up. I know I’ve screwed up when it comes to performance appraisals, but I’m recovering from it. Learn some of the stupid things managers do to screw up the performance appraisal process – and hopefully don’t repeat these mistakes with […]

Sample Performance Appraisal for Customer Service Positions

Customer service is one of most difficult positions to manage – high turnover, unsatisfied employees, large number of employees, difficult situations all add up to a nightmare during performance review time for most supervisors and managers. We provide this sample performance appraisal for customer service positions to help you write performance reviews for your employees. […]